Northeast Prayer Route Leader


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Saturday, July 17th – Day 1 

Noon - Gather at 187 Sewall Street, Augusta, MA – formerly New Life Christian Fellowship for a prayer walk to the Capitol Building, located at the corner of Capitol & State Streets. 

12:30PM – Prayer Call on the steps of the Capitol 

Traveling down to Portland, Scarborough, or Saco, ME 

3:30PM – Prayer meeting at a church to be determined – working with Bishop Mike White, Church of God, Northern New England, on location. 

Traveling to Concord, New Hampshire 

7:30PM – Prayer on the Capitol steps, 107 N. Main St., Concord, NH 03303 

Lodging in Concord, NH 


Sunday, July 18th – Day 2 

9:00AM – Prayer and Worship at Destiny Christian Church, 21 Dunklee St., Concord, NH 

Travel to Boston, MA 

2:00PM – Prayer at Capitol Building, 24 Beacon St., Boston, MA 

Travel to Beverly, MA 

5:00PM – Prayer & Worship meeting at Garden City Church, 140 Bridge St., Beverly, MA 

Travel to Providence, RI & Lodge here 

Monday, July 19th – Day 3 

9:00AM – Prayer Call at Capitol Building, 82 Smith Rd., Providence, RI 

Travel to NYC 

4:00PM – Prayer Call at New Beginnings Kingdom Ministries 7 Bridge st., Elizabeth, NJ

Travel to Greenville, PA – 12 ½ hr journey or 7 hours on the highway – travel about 5 hours 

Lodging along the journey to Greenville, PA 

Depart hotel early  


Tuesday, July 20th – Day 4 

1:00PM – Prayer & Worship meeting @ Bethel Life Worship Center, 246 S. Mercer St., Greenville PA 

Travel to Lorain, Ohio 

7:00PM – Prayer Call @ Bethel Chapel, 4065 Broadway, Lorain, OH 

Travel to Toledo, Ohio lodging right outside the city 


Wednesday, July 21st – Day 5 

10:00AM – Prayer & Worship meeting @ Compassion Church, 3327 Airport Hwy, Toledo, OH 

Travel to Fort Wayne, Indiana 

1:00PM – Prayer Call @ Light of Light Faith Center, 4601 Hanna St., Fort Wayne, IN 

Travel to Chicago, IL 

7:00PM – Prayer & Worship Meeting @Iglesia New Hope/Nueva Esperanza. 166 E 25th St. Chicago Heights, IL 60411 

Travel to Davenport, Iowa lodging here 


Thursday, July 22nd – Day 6 

9:00AM – Prayer Call @ US District Court, 131 E. 4th St., Davenport, Iowa 

Travel to Shenandoah or Des Moines, Iowa 

3:00PM – Christian Fellowship Church, 906 Day St., Shenandoah, Iowa,  

Travel to Omaha, Nebraska 

7:30PM The Church of Omaha, 3715 N 104th Ave., Omaha, NE (waiting for confirmation) 

Travel toward Lebanon, KS lodging on the way 


Friday, July 23rd – Day 7 

9:00AM – Prayer & Worship meeting @ North Shore AoG, 100 W. 33rd St., Hastings, NE 

Travel to Lebanon, KS 

2:00PM – Prayer at the Heart of America for the Heart of America